Kristine Mirelle’s life journey has been an interesting variety of adventures. From working in a tortilla factory in her childhood, to traveling 6 continents performing and sharing her music, her love for life and exploration has given her a multitude of stories and lyrics to share with the world.     

We could go on about her talents and accomplishments, like how she performs 250+ shows a year or won 4 consecutive national piano competitions. She’s hit not only the club circuit of Los Angeles, but also entertained high rollers in Vegas at spots like Palms, the Mirage, Wynn Las Vegas, and is in especially high demand at private events for the NFL, Porsche and many more!  

To fully understand Kristine Mirelle, however, it’s worth digging a little deeper. From her hometown of Roswell, NM, she has also displayed a knack for entrepreneurship and benevolence. Her “Lil Kristi’s” line of Mexican food can be found in Whole Foods, Sprouts, and more than 100 stores in New Mexico, while appearing on various cooking shows!  

Perhaps most importantly, Kristine actively volunteers in countries around the world performing and teaching music. From special education centers in Thailand to AIDS stricken communities in Africa, it’s part of her mission statement to counteract suffering of the world with the joy of music.

Kristine is currently working on her new project "Spanglish" where she is revisiting the sounds of her Latin upbringing.  Click on "Music" to listen to her previous album, or watch her newest Music Video Release "Hasta El Final" by clicking on Videos. 


One of the first times I jumped on stage, I peed in my pants. And not a little… it was so much that the person running the show had to pull me off the stage because I froze. I would say I definitely had a small case of stage fright. (just a little)


That’s just one of my own stage-horror stories, but apparently, I was in love with music and performing because I stuck with it through many years and lots and lots of mistakes.


I heard that most people aren’t willing to be bad at something long enough to get good at it. That inspires me every time I hear it. Because all of this performing stuff was not natural for me, but for the last 10 years I’ve now travelled 6 continents, and done as much as 300 (YES, THREE HUNDRED) paid shows around the world in a single year.


I share this not to brag, (ok maybe a little) but mainly because I’m a sucker for a success story and this one happens to be my own. After creating my own independent music career without a record label, or even a manger and what not, I began my own initiatives to help artists do the same.


Thus, I started created my own little company (Gigmagic) where I offer courses, books, media kits, Youtube tutorials, and lots of other resources to show other aspiring artists how to do what I did. I don’t claim to know it all, but I do claim to have been able to create my entire living off of music and break the whole myth that artists have to have a huge fan base, or some big hit song, in order to have a music career. And shattering myths and making people feel like they can do something they are passionate about for a living, has also become my passion.


In making music I love that I can share my creations and my STORY with the world while simultaneously showing other artists they can too.


And without trying to make this a huge long essay about my upbringing, I’ll briefly share that my family grew up starting out living in government housing, and when we could no longer afford cable anymore, I just had one thing to do, play the piano. And that ability to play the piano became the foundation of my entire future and that lack of money and resources became a blessing in disguise.  


After struggling for 10 years, sleeping on friend’s couches, and even sleeping in my car and bathing in a gas station, I was offered a resident ongoing show in Hollywood 5 nights a week at Loews Hotel and began my career as a full-time performing artist.


I’m currently working on a new project called “Spanglish” and expect to release that in Winter of 2020. You can find my music videos in the “videos” section of this website.


I also continue to create other resources for artists to continue on their own musical journeys as well. If you are an artist yourself and would like some instruction on how to begin your own career, feel free to join me on or click on "Book Store" in the links on the left to access some of the resources I've created for aritst. Thank you and good luck :)