"Can I tell you, I also went to Musician's Institute in Hollywood and I've literally learned more about marketing from. you then I learned in College"” - Anna Luena.

— From a Live Online Training with Kristine Mirelle

Music Hustler

Kristine Mirelle's Company dedicated to helping musicians create profitable music careers

Kristine Mirelle's has now helped artists make more than $500,000 in shows, has gotten major record label deals, assisted in getting publishing deals, and has booked more than 500 artists for showcase events and opportunities around the world. 

She was inspired to help other musicians after struggling for 8 years while selling her music on the streets going door to door. She now shares the methods that took her from being a starving musician to making 6 figures a year as an independent artist. 

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My Story! How I Went From Sleeping on Kitchen Floors to Traveling the World

Press Photos

Kristine Mirelle is featured in Vouyage LA Magazine to chat about her company "Music Hustler".

She has helped to teach and share her methods with more than 30,000 artists who have her resources and books in their hands. 

Reaching 30 MILLION Views on Facebook and Instagram, she is known as the "Go-To" to learn how to make money in music even without a record label, manager, or big fan base.  Click the link below to learn more about Kristine Mirelle's "Music Hustler" brand.