Volunteer work around the world

Kristine Mirelle volunteers around the US and 3rd world countries around the globe teaching music and sharing a message about chasing dreams and believing in your own purpose. She shares her story of going from poverty and abusive relationships, to the choices she had to make that ultimately led her to turn her life around.  Her love for humanity is her first passion and music is the means in which to bring people together.



In the middle of an Indian Slum with no running water or electricity, these beautiful children joined Kristine in creating a music video.  Kristine worked with these children for 3 weeks teaching music and dance in a school that had never had a music program before. 



Kristine Mirelle toured the United States for 3 months in 2017 singing for Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth Organizations, and YMCAs in 25 cities across the United States. She called her tour the "I  Believe In Us Tour" and performed for more than 10,000 children in underserved communities. 



Children in Special Education can be some of the most energetic and loving souls! Kristine taught music for 3 weeks in a special education center in Bangkok, Thailand where she sang songs, taught fun dance moves, and was taught a few things herself in the process! Take a look!

New Delhi, India

San Antonio TX